HIIIII LOVES! I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Roxane Galindo, the face behind Roxy G Photo. I’m married to the most supportive husband a gal can ask for and mom to the most handsome little man; I still can’t believe I made him! When I’m not helping my little guy with his homework or editing my life away, you can catch me at the gym, playing with my pugs or watching crime shows; if you think Mind Hunter on Netflix is brilliant we can totally hang out!

I moved to Fresno in 2013, you can say I’m finally used to the hot summers, but the homesickness never left me, so you’ll find me traveling to the Bay Area and Central Coast quite often to visit family. I’m obsessed with everything Palm Springs and mid-century design (my dream retirement is to give home tours there one day :))))) I consider myself both an introvert and extrovert; I’d so much rather talk about you and your story than myself any day, so let’s CHAT! I would LOVE to hear from YOU!


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